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The Sentinel Cross stitch project help!

Hello, everyone. I discovered this comm thru craftyran, and I'm a crafty slasher. I've been a slash fan for over 6 years, at first in TS, and Highlander, then ST:Voy, ST:DS9, Xena, Buffy, LOTR, Due South, TFATF, SG1, BSG2003, and a plethora of other fandoms. Right now, I am deep, deep, deep into Stargate:Atlantis.

I also do a lot of "håndarbeide", or handwork, as crafts is called in Norwegian. I primarily knit and embroider - I am knitting a baby blanket and baby jacket, I am in the last stages of embroidering a table runner in satin stich, having already finished a square tablecloth in the same pattern, and I have done a wall hanging in cloister stitch, a picture in cross stitch, baby clothes, and sweaters.

My projects tend to get finished, except for one major cross stitch project, which also happens to be my only fannish project as well. Christmas 1999, I went out and bought tons of DNC yarn for a Sentinel cross stitch project I found on the internet (linked from NightOwl's site?) from the intro to the episodes. It was a screencap of one of the frames where all of the senses are named on screen (Taste, sight etc) along with the 'colored brain/head' with a black background. I printed out the pattern, and it is now so ratty it's difficult to see the symbols. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Does anyone still have the pattern?
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